Antique Queen Cemetery.

Antique Queen Cemetery. Opened in June 1839 in the city of Cienfuegos with the aim of replacing the previous cemetery dating from the founding of the city in 1819. It was declared a National Monument on January 30, 1990.

The General Cemetery or Queen Cemetery is a valuable 19th century building where the majesty and beauty live in perfect armony. It is located to a couple of miles from the present city of Cienfuegos. This city with only 20 years was able to build a facility like this which shows the splendor of it's neoclassicism and enhances the brightness of its development.

Antique Queen Cemetery

It is singular at national level, precisely because of the formation of the main courtyard, which is the country's only limited by three rows of vertical niches.

For this necropolis that we know about ancient form of burial which also reflects the artistic level reached by the then Villa Fernandina de Jagua in terms of work in marble, cast iron and board. The tombstones of these niches wasted elegance in its bas-reliefs, like the blacksmith framing arches and vaults.

Antique Queen Cemetery

The sculptures in the funeral home have the dignity of those with financial means to express it. Among these, "Sleeping Beauty", a piece of an Italian sculptor, around which is woven a legend because of the mystery surrounding who lies under his feet. It has become a symbol of the cemetery by the beauty of the marble figure, the perfection and softness of its lines and the material with which the anonymous sculptor modeled the stone.

In the niches found burial dates as far back as the 1830s. Here also lie in mass graves of our deeds valuable libertarian figures of 1868 and 1895.